[Proposal] Uniswap Grants Program v0.1Governance


The idea is to use the UNI Community Treasury to fund core protocol development.

This would be attributed by a council of 6 members on a basis of 4 months with a 750k$ cap and a limit of 2 quarters before renewal.

The following members will be elected :

  • Program Lead: Ken Ng  (HL Creative Corp)

Ecosystem Support Program at the Ethereum Foundation

Founder and Investor at Variant Fund (holds UNI)

Risk Analyst at MakerDAO

Founder and CEO of Compound Finance

Founder of Synthetix

5.      Reviewer: Ashleigh Schap

Growth Lead, Uniswap (Company)

The council would be compensated with 25 UNI/hour with a 30 hour cap per week.

Timeframe :

Our take:

We love this proposal as it illustrates everything we strive for Uniswap.

Some reviewer candidates seem to busy to handle their job correctly and compensation in UNI seems unstable at best, but if comments are taken into account, we will support this proposal.

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